aPerf Mod Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6

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aPerf Minecraft Mod


This mod is actually a performance founded mod that supports in improving many of the already standing functions within vanilla Minecraft. The aPerf mod allows for greater configuration customization which in turn enormously improves how specific the game is to your playing style. For instance, if you do not desire to take a look at a specific mod on your Minecraft.jar, you at the present have the capability to use the ‘Spawn listing’ feature to remove it. I think that this is a wonderful mod, a MUST-HAVE if you’re searching for further things to enhance your game.

 Key Features

  • SpawnLimiter – Monster and animal spawn limiting.
    You can create your own rules as – has to have at least 2 and max 5 blocks of air (for cave mobs) or water (for squids) above. Cannot spawn more than 10 in a 3 chunk radius area, many more.
  • ItemGrouper – Groups closeby similar floating items or experience orbs to lower the server load and networking when something goes wrong (as a quarry overflowing or someone doing extreme mining and not picking up).
  • Packet limiting – for those who need to play on a 3g mobile internet and still desire to construct advanced stuff. Disable duplicate packet sending or just send every 5th redpower pipe content update packet. Customizable filters, saved per user. Can turn on/off ingame.
  • Packet sniffer – Check what packets are sent to a targeted player (or yourself) and on what amout (speed) to find the spam you may not need (as rp’s tube item updates or extrabees unknown spam). (rely on packet limiter)
  • Entity and tile entity listing – Find the location at which there’s a high concentration of items on the ground or discover some pesky machines by their java hash code or even just see how many sheeps there are on a map especially in the minecraft game play.
  • Entity removal – Remove any mobs or animals by many-many distinctive filters.

 Pros and Cons Sides :

Pros Sides : This mod is presently available for both client and server, so you can enjoy all that this mod offers even with your friends! The aPerf mod permits for greater customization within your Minecraft game, this means that you can specifically change your game file to best fit your aim/needs.
Cons Sides: Unfortunately, to effectively install this mod first of all you need three other installs. These dependencies comprise FORGE, which is normal, however you at the same time need to install ‘PermissionsEX’ mod and a network hook for a packet limiter.


  • Editions – During this time the mod has been updated two times to the newest Minecraft patch, two new commands have been offered into the games capabilities, the capability to chunkload has at the same time been implemented. The chunkload capability permits you to make huge animal farms with spawners.

How to Install aPerf Mod Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6

  1. Firstly, you need to install and download the newest version of MINECRAFT FORGE to correctly run this mod.
  2. Move on, basically download the aPerf Mod and drag and drop the .zip folder into the ‘mods’ folder of your Minecraft directory.
  3. Next, just load up the game and run the mod!

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