RealLan Minecraft Mod 1.5.2 and 1.6

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RealLan Mod

This mod is a new and unique mod that offers many functions and abilities to a LAN server that in a way makes it more as a ‘real’ Minecraft server. This mod offer many necessary commands for likening a LAN server to an online Minecraft server, including: ‘/ban, /kick, /whitelist, /op’. The typical Minecraft LAN server without this mod does not get access to commands like these and therefore is usually a disaster and difficult to play on. LAN servers are setup/based typically around a local area, nevertheless with the RealLan mod, others are able to join your server regardless easily by forwarding a port number.

Brief Description

I love playing Minecraft with my friends, but the difficulty sometimes is that there aren’t enough commands in the LAN mod to make it worthwhile. For instance, there’s isn’t a /sethome command, meaning that my friends will end up having to walk all the way home, or teleport to one of us, in order to get back to our established base with ease. For sure, one of us could set a bukkit server up, however that’s a lot of tedious work, just for something so easy. With bukkit, you will have to discover plugins, add permissions, and a whole lot of other things. This will take well over 30 minutes to do. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be playing Minecraft, rather than setting a server up.

Thankfully, there’s theReal LAN Mod! TheReal LAN Mod is a mod that makes it so you have more control over your LAN server, like being able to ban and kick players (perhaps people that are on the same WiFi network like you are, and just happen to be playing Minecraft), together with adding commands like “/sethome” and “/home”. Basically, this mod will permit you to have a basic custom server, complete with everything that is expected from servers like these. Since this mod only takes a couple of minutes to install, it’s much better than configuring a bukkit server.

This mod, as stated a bunch of times before, is very useful when it comes to making a LAN server. For instance, let’s say that you and your friends decided that you desire to mine all together in one area so as to maximize the amount of ores you gather in that certain area. Without this mod, you will end up having to walk out of that cavern, continuosly retracing your steps. This can pose a problem due to the fact that the entrances and exits look nearly the same. Thanks to this mod, you can just set your home beforehand, and just teleport back.

In conclusion, this mod is pretty cool, and is recommended for anyone who likes to play Minecraft with their friends through the use of LAN.

 Key Features

  • The RealLan Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 1.6 delivers the capability to add commands to your LAN server.
  • By using a client like LogMeIn or Hamachi, you can log into to LAN servers.
  • The owner of the LAN server is automatically OPPED when installed, and then they have the choice to OP others.
  • A downloadable GUI can all at the same time allow un-opped players to use certain commands.

 Pros and Cons Sides :

POSITIVES: I think that this mod is wonderful because it seems to brdige the gap between online and LAN servers. Many players that simply aren’t capable to play online servers do not deserve to be playing on a server of lesser quality, the RealLan Mod seems to fix this problem. The RealLan Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 is fully updated, bugless, and is compatible with most other modifications.
NEGATIVES: I strongly believe that there are no negatives with this mod. A mod such as this helps bring people together and bridge the gap between online and LAN. I think this mod is a MUST HAVE for anyone experiencing the game on LAN servers.

How to Install RealLan Mod Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6

  1. A forge-compatible version of the mod has not been made yet, so for now you do not need a MINECRAFT FORGE install to run this mod.
  2. First of all, simply download the latest version of the RealLan Mod from the Minecraft Forum and put the contents of the .zip file into your Minecraft.jar’ ‘mods’ folder.
  3. Next, delete the META-INF file.
  4. Lastly, open your Minecraft.jar as usual and start a LAN server! ENJOY

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